Company devoted to the development and manufacture of medical devices in the cardiology and radiology fields, focused on the PTCA and PTA balloons technology.

Own Know-How.

Gradual development plan of new balloons with differentiated technical specifications and for new niche and emerging market segments.

CONIC VASCULAR is an award winning design, development, production, and sales firm specialized in implantable medical devices using balloon´s technique.


The company develops and manufacturers different innovative devices within the core technology devices of PTCA and PTA balloons from the early design and prototyping to sales.

The company has the balloon blowing expertise and experienced team to get high quality balloons with non-compliant and semi-compliant behaviour. It has team with capabilities and expertise and technology that since many years has proven to be able to use different materials and develop innovative designs successfully in the industry.

C.E.O and President, Mr. Manuel Parente, created own brand in 2008 after having worked for several International Companies:

SCHNEIDER (Production manager and Engineering)

BOSTON SCIENTIFIC (Production manager)

CELONOVA (Europe Director and International Vice-President)


Besides some projects in China, Brazil, Bosnia, etc.


conic vascular conic vascular conic vascular


Our mission is to be one market leader in the core PTCA and PTA balloons technology offering and developing innovative minimally invasive medical devices for cardiology and radiology industry based on balloon´s procedure.


To develop and create standalone or through partnerships high quality and innovative minimal invasive products for cardiology and radiology industry using balloons’s procedure that match the vision and needs of the customer.


Quality. Take care of patient and physician’s needs. Creating value in niche segments. Listen to and flexibility to the needs and market trends.